Numerous branches out for review

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 22:41:19 -0700 (PDT)

I have a number of branches with code that's ready for test and in need of
reviews. Please try to have a look at them in time for a clean merge
prior to the end of the month so we're reasonably confident about putting
clean code into Beta.

The branches that are ready to review are:

- ability to open and query an arbitrary data set from inside the Lua
scripts, with garbage collection (i.e. auto-cleanup of data sets that the
script opens but fails to close)

- feature to create a data set of known lists such that mail from ADSP
"discardable" sources addressed to those lists will be rejected

- special request regarding DK (hopefully the last one); only add an
Authentication-Results header field for DK if it passed but DKIM failed,
otherwise only add one for DKIM; also adds a feature to suppress use of
the "header.b" proposed standard extension

- allows definition of a sender string to use for messages with empty
envelope senders or other messages where a sender couldn't be determined

- allows registration of a "DNS handler" object (e.g. a resolver instance)
and DNS query start/stop/wait functions into libopendkim so that it
doesn't need to know about specific resolver implementations; this puts
the selection of the resolver into the hands of the program using
libopendkim rather into the build process, which in our case means all
that work is now done by opendkim instead of the library; much more
practical for other applications that want to use our library but want to
use some other resolver code

There's an open branch for overhauling the statistics collection and
reporting stuff, but it will be open for a while yet as I've probably got
to take another run at a practical schema. I'll email about this

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