Re: zdkimfilter - help + thanks + libopendkim recommendations + statistics

From: Alessandro Vesely <>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2010 15:26:10 +0200

Hi Daniel,

On 01/Aug/10 09:08, Daniel Black wrote:
> As a token of my excitement of another product using libopendkim I've added it
> to the gentoo distribution. Thankyou for enabling courier users to participate
> in the brave new dkim world. Personally I'm stretched getting a handle on
> milter applications so I'm glad you've found and make OpenDKIM useful for the
> courier users.

Thank you for the link!

> I've noticed your build goes to a lot of effort regarding libopendkim library
> detection. I suspect part of the complexity is the large amount of changes
> since libopendkim-1.2.2. Sorry about that - I'm hope its getting better. For a
> while we've provided a pkg-config file that you've partually used. I susect a
> macro like the following may assist you to gain the required libraries
> quicker.
> PKG_CHECK_MODULES([OPENDKIM], [opendkim>= 1.2.2], [ ..... ] , [ ....])

Thanks, I'll try that on the next occasion. IIRC, two issues I had in
detecting the library are as follows:

* zdkimfilter code is not multithreaded, so I don't want to have
   flags that require useless threading code, and

* if libopendkim is built as a static library, I have to check
   further libraries separately.

> We'd like the libopendkim to be as usuable as possible so please let us know
> if anything is packaged wrong or there are features/changes you'd like.

The multithreaded flag was (is?) probably unnecessary. I plan to
upgrade to 2.2.0 (as it'll contain a function that will allow writing
header.from --see

> Some quick suggestions/questions about your own product while i've been
> looking:
> Is the static recommendation really only related to opendkim-1*?

In part. I haven't yet coded a runtime check that library and include
versions match :-/ OTOH, for most of the time zdkimfilter is the only
linked executable, so the benefits of sharing it seem very small. See

> I recommend you do some form of check to see if opendkim reputation is built
> in as part of your

Noted. I thought I could go away with the stub function.

> * Next release is going to rename to opendkim-genkey.
> * The instructions related to keys are going to be in opendkim/README as of
> next release (too much was in INSTALL)

You mean next=2.2.0?

> Murray's starting a statistics gathering excercise for the IETF. Wondering if
> you could code in some statistics gathering that's compatible:
> and the
> stats directory of the opendkim.

Zdkimfilter currently uses no DB library, and I still have to work out
what to do here. Courier is designed to use either bdb or gdbm, which
it can afford as it doesn't need concurrent write access; however, if
I'll design to use bdb only, I'd probably exclude gdbm users.

Thanks again for your interest in zdkimfilter.
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